WEAAD Fact Sheets

Elder Abuse Fact Sheet 
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WEAAD Fact Sheets

WEAAD Fact Sheet # 1: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

WEAAD Fact Sheet #2: What is Abuse of Older Adults?

WEAAD Fact Sheet #3: Types of Abuse and Neglect: Elder Abuse

WEAAD Fact Sheet #4: Abuse of Older Adults: Signs and Effects

WEAAD Fact Sheet #5: Why Does Abuse Happen in Later Life?

WEAAD Fact Sheet #6: Help is Available

WEAAD Fact Sheet #7: Help is Available – Provincial and Territorial Contact Numbers and Key National Resources in Canada


Fiche d’information WEAAD

WEAAD Fiche d’information #1 : Journée internationale de sensibilisation pour contrer les abus envers les personnes aînées

WEAAD Fiche d’information #2: Qu’est-ce que l’abus envers les personnes aînées?

WEAAD Fiche dinformation #3: Types d’abus et de négligence

WEAAD Fiche dinformation #4: Abus envers les personnes aînées: signes et conséquences

WEAAD Fiche d’information #5: Pourquoi les personnes aînées sont-elles victimes de violence?

WEAAD Fiche d’information #6:  Il existe des ressources

WEAAD Fiche dinformation #7: Il existe des ressources Numéros de téléphone des organismes d’aide dans les provinces et territoires et des principaux centres de ressources du Canada


Tool Kits

Elder Abuse Awareness Community Guide Toolkit

The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse  has developed a World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Toolkit and a Resource Library of materials to help individuals, organizations and communities throughout the world plan activities/events to raise awareness about WEAAD.

The Toolkit  was originally developed as a partnership involving the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA), the Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA) & International Federation on Ageing (IFA).

View more resources at INPEA

Webinar 2015

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day & Toward a Global Framework on its 10th Anniversary

Deputy Director of the National Center on Elder Abuse, Julie Schoen facilitated an international webinar event that delivered a retrospective on a decade of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) accomplishments, reviewed pilot findings from the international The Worldwide Face of Elder Abuse study and provided a lively panel discussion from global experts on the future of WEAAD.

Video External Web Site Policy| Transcript (235KB)

Other Supporting Materials

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 Warning Signs of Abuse                             Les de maltraitance des persnnage 

Warning Signs of Abuse  FEB 5-thumbnail                   LES de maltraitance des persnnage feb 5-thumbnail


Financial Abuse                                                            Exploitation Financière

Financial abuse by relatives and caregivers Feb 5-thumbnail    Exploitation Financière Par Des Membres De Famille Et Les Soignants  feb 24-thumbnail

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