Planning Ideas

Ideas for Raising Awareness on June 15th

Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario encourages everyone to participate in helping to raise awareness about World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.   A variety of events and activities can be planned by organizations and individuals alike. Below are examples of ideas and activities to organize for WEAAD 2020.

We also encourage you to Register Your Event on this website.

  • Wear PurpleCommunity Social Distancing Activities
  • Window visit a senior in a Long Term-Care Home, Retirement Home or in community.
  • Plant a tree or a flower, and post a picture of it with the hashtag #UprootElderAbuse.

  • Learn the facts on elder abuse.
  • Host a Virtual Presentation focused on recognizing the signs of abuse, prevention tips and local community support services.
  • Host a webinar or virtual training online, invite politicians, survivors of elder abuse, or field experts to speak.
  • Create a poster/flyer on elder abuse to post in local stores


  • Ask local leaders, the Mayor, MP, MPP to Proclaim June 15 as Elder Abuse Awareness Day.
  • Send Letter to local Politicians

  • Post WEAAD Logo images on your website, social media, blogs, or add to email signature block, to draw awareness to WEAAD.
  • Re-Post WEAAD Posters created by the Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario and CNPEA on social media and use hastag #UpRootElderAbuse #WEAAD2020
  • Engage the Local Media to write a story or highlight the current work the local community is doing to address elder abuse.
  • Send a press release, or submit an Editorial to discuss elder abuse issues and a call for action.
  • Develop Public Service Announcements for local TV or radio stations.
  • Be a guest speaker on a local radio show to discuss key issues affecting older adults.

    WEAAD Planning Tool Kit


The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse  developed a World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Toolkit and a Resource Library of materials to help individuals, organizations and communities throughout the world plan activities/events to raise awareness about WEAAD.

The Toolkit  was originally developed as a partnership involving the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA), the Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA) & International Federation on Ageing (IFA). View INPEA resources.

We look forward to commemorating World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2020 with you!

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