Intergenerational Day

IG Day Canada – June 1st, 11th Anniversary

i2i Intergenerational Society is a volunteer not-for-profit organization. We do not provide programmes. We exist only to support you in getting the word out, and to encourage and assist others in pursuing respectful and purposeful Intergenerational Connecting. A decade of practice with Meadows School Project 2000-10 ( is the research that informs our purpose. i2i is a support hub and acts as a Canadian platform for sharing promising intergenerational practice in Canada.

IG Day was initiated in 2010 by i2i and 5 Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) funded student groups from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. To date, 12 provinces and territories and over 100 cities have officially recognized the day with 3 provinces (ON, MB, NB) and the Toronto District School Board proclaiming it by law, in-perpetuity. Every little push will help us all make intergenerational connecting …‘just the way that we do things’ in Canada.

How to Celebrate the Day

2021marks the 11th Anniversary of Intergenerational Day in Canada!  Now more than ever, we need ways to connect. We need to celebrate. Just because we can’t be together, doesn’t mean we can’t be connected.

Calling Canadians of all generations – Please help us build a virtual national quilt!

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Selfie Campaign – Social Media

Individuals are encouraged to write how they will celebrate their IG Day. Download the poster  template and encourage people to take a selfie with the poster and share it on social media with #hashtag #IGDayCanada

Intergenerational Tool Kits

Across the Generations Respect All Ages
This national curriculum was designed is to bring greater awareness to the issues of ageing, greater respect for individuals, particularly older adults and to encourage on-going community based projects across the generations. This work was an adaptation of a Manitoba initiative and includes a series of 21 lessons for children aged 8-13 in school, home or a community based setting.

Toolkit –  English
Toolkit –  French

Creating Caring Communities:  A Guide to Establishing Intergenerational Programs for Schools, Care Facilities and Community Groups
This  Toolkit gives background and assistance in planning, implementing and sustaining engaging intergenerational activities in community, health care and school.

Creating Caring Communities

Elder Abuse Awareness Teen Kit
Intergenerational Trust Building: An Untapped Resource for Preventing Elder Abuse.  This Kit is meant to assist individuals and groups in all generations to work collaboratively, creating time and place for respectful intergenerational connecting.

 Elder Abuse Awareness Teen Kit (English) PDF  3.27 Mb
 Elder Abuse Awareness Teen Kit (French)  PDF 3.37 Mb

Planning Ideas

Providing opportunities for children and older adults to participate in activities together, creates a greater awareness and understanding of our differing challenges and attitudes toward a growing older.  In developing respect for all ages, we move towards prevention of mistreatment of older adults, and others in our society.

Take 5 minutes to a whole day ideas for IG Day everyday… IT’S SIMPLE, FUN AND EASY AS 1-2-3!

Take time to be with someone from a different generation to participate in an activity today, it only takes a few moments and a simple thoughtful gesture to make people feel connected and special.

If you have a few seconds: 

  • make eye contact and smile
  • hold the door for the person to pass through
  • say ‘have a good day!’

 If you have 5 minutes:

  • call to say hello
  • put the number in your cell contact list so you can call again sometime
  • give a single flower

If you have 30 minutes:

  • sit down and have a conversation
  • go for a short walk
  • write a short note in a card and post it

If you have an hour or two:

  • share a meal
  • go to a movie together
  • play a game together

Programs in Canada

Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships develops and facilitates inter-generational programs in partnership with groups, agencies, organizations and coordinates friendly visiting programs in long-term care facilities and the community.

iGenOttawa brings awareness of the positive value of relationships between older and younger people; Encourages organizations, community groups and residents to celebrate Intergenerational Day through activities that bring together people of different ages; and​
Promotes the value of taking small actions to bridge generations within the community year-round.

Linking Generations brings the generations together so they can share their knowledge and life experiences, and encourages volunteering and social responsibility in youth.

Seniors and Kids Intergenerational ProgramsSKIP brings together students of all ages with nursing/retirement home seniors.

LINKages Society of Alberta connect youth and seniors in a spirit of cooperation, friendship and respect where both generations benefit from sharing their experiences, skills and knowledge.


Whose Grandma Are You?
Documentary for Educators and Community workers available in both 10 and 20 minute clips. View Videos

Seniors Are Cool
The Seniors are Cool! video is a short film targeting children in primary grades to dispel the misconceptions about aging and older adults and to highlight intergenerational strategies for healthy active living and lifelong learning.
Video – English       Video – French

Keep your Loot; Give Fraud the Boot
Grade 12 High school students partnered with older adults in North Wellington, Ontario to research and develop an awareness event in honour of National Victims of Crime Awareness Week. Working with local OPP, the Seniors Centre for Excellence and the Seniors at Risk Coordinator of Trellis Mental Health & Developmental Services, students and seniors surveyed older adults on elder abuse and frauds/scams and put together an awareness event for seniors. View Video

Social + emotional intergenerational connection =
All-Age Friendly Community and safety!

It is our sincere hope that you will take advantage of this day to share the bounty of your Intergenerational success.

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