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We’re writing to give you advanced notice of our plans for WEAAD (World Elder Abuse Awareness Day) 2021. We know this is an important day for you, and that you’re eager to learn how you can participate!

While some details are still being finalized, the following will give you everything you need to know to look forward to, and plan for, June 15th.

Campaign Overview

This WEAAD (World Elder Abuse Awareness Day) CanAge, EAPO, CNPEA are teaming up to create a national conversation around elder abuse prevention and what each of us can do to uphold and protect the rights of seniors in your community. 

The theme of our WEAAD 2021 campaign is
“Rights Don’t Get Old”

The basic human rights of older Canadians are challenged and undercut every day and, tragically, this has never been more true than over the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s estimated that 1 in 6 seniors are victims of elder abuse.

We, as a country, cannot allow this to continue.

We have created 5 strong statements that everyone can get behind as the foundation of this campaign:

  1. Seniors have the right to live free from abuse
  2. Seniors have the right to financial security
  3. Seniors have the right to safe housing
  4. Seniors have the right to quality healthcare
  5. Seniors have the right to access justice

Throughout the campaign, we’ll be sharing compelling statistics and stories of how elder abuse threatens the lives of older people in our communities, igniting a national conversation and shining a light on the need to create a coordinated pan-Canadian approach to protecting them from being victimized.

The official hashtags of WEAAD in Canada will be #RightsDoNotGetOld and #WEAAD2021.

The dedicated website will be launched at in May.

Get Involved

There are a few easy ways you can participate in WEAAD, joining the movement to end elder abuse in Canada once and for all.

Visit the website

In mid-May (exact launch date TBC), we’ll be launching a dedicated website at This page will serve as the central hub of our campaign, and will contain everything you need to get informed and get engaged.

On this page, you’ll find:

  • Registration for a free exciting interactive National online event featuring a panel of experts and thought leaders on elder abuse and issues affecting older people.

    This webinar will be an inspiring conversation that will educate and empower you to join the movement to uphold and protect the rights of older people everywhere.
  • Statistics about elder abuse in Canada
  • First-hand stories from survivors of abuse
  • Social media messages you can share to speak out on the rights of older Canadians
  • Downloadable posters you can use to take a selfie, or photo with a senior in your community, proclaiming your (or their) human rights. 

Register for the free online event

This webinar, entitled ‘Rights Don’t Get Old: Ending Elder Abuse in Canada’, is the main event of WEAAD 2021. 

It’s a not-to-be-missed interactive national event that brings together a panel of experts, political figures, advocates and concerned people like you to engage in an inspiring discussion about how we, as a country, can end elder abuse and protect the rights of older people.

Make sure you secure your seat quickly, as space is limited (and share widely with your networks!)

Spreading Awareness

Spreading awareness of the prevention of elder abuse is a key part of WEAAD. During this campaign, on, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Share pre-written social media posts about elder abuse and promoting our WEAAD campaign (watch out for those coming soon!). 
  • Share strong pre-written messages of support for seniors’ human rights. These are the “human rights statements” outlined above, and will be posted on the website. All you need to do is click on each message to share them across your social networks!
  • Use #RightsDoNotGetOld and #WEAAD2021 on Twitter to share how you and your organization are taking action to end elder abuse every day.
  • Download and use our posters to show your support of seniors’ rights. Share them on Twitter and Instagram with #RightsDontGetOld and #WEAAD2021.
  • Share stories from elder abuse survivors and their caregivers, giving power to their experiences.

Speak Out

Sign your name in support 

Add your name to the growing list of people who are taking a stand against elder abuse in Canada. You’ll receive updates and important news on WEAAD and related topics. 

You’ll also be joining a national network of engaged and concerned citizens who stand in solidarity with older people.

This powerful action is free, easy and will create long-lasting change for the rights and well-being of aging Canadians.

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