It’s Not Right

It’s Not Right! Starting the Conversation to Stop the Abuse of Older Adults

Elder Abuse Ontario is partnering with Western University and the Ministry of Seniors Affairs to create a movement of social change in Ontario to stop abuse and neglect of older adults. Research has shown that most often it is bystanders – neighbours, friends, family and co-workers – who are closest to abusive situations and can see what is happening. They know that something isn’t right, but don’t know what to do. It’s Not Right! Neighbours, Friends and Families for Older Adults (INR) teaches people of all ages to recognize warning signs and how to respond safely and effectively.

INR provides a a wide variety of audiences in discussions and practice on how neighbours, friends and family members can learn to recognize and respond to warning signs of abuse and neglect in the lives of older adults they know. These are the bystanders to abusive situations who often know that something isn’t right, but often don’t know what to do to help.

Elder Abuse Ontario encourages individuals and organizations
to promote the 
INR campaign during
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – June 15, 2019

We all have a vital role to play in creating a peaceful, supportive and just society. Learn about the little things YOU can do to make a BIG difference in someone’s life.

Join us!…Start the Conversation to Stop the Abuse of Older Adults!

Every action has an impact. Remember that YOU are a powerful being in the world and that everything you do makes a difference.

Include an INR presentation at your WEAAD event!

There are over 250 Champions across Ontario who have received training to deliver educational sessions to others in their communities on elder abuse!

If you are interested in having a Champion speak to your agency or senior group/club or attend an event, please contact Elder Abuse Ontario via email: [email protected] or phone: 416.916.6728.

In support of WEAAD – we want to flag all INR June presentations. If you make a presentation in June, you will find a new button on the INR menu of actions. Fill out your presentation survey as usual and then also ‘plant your flag’ to declare your support for WEAAD in your community!

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Learn more:

It’s Not Right Resources

The INR resources provide education to people about what they can do to prevent and assist older adults who may be experiencing abuse.

Download the INR/WEAAD poster and pin it up in your office, organization, or hand it out to seniors and community members!
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INR/WEAAD Poster Template                        English    French   Bi-Lilingual
Grow the Conversation Activity Template English    French


It’s Not Right Video 

This short video provides an overview of the vignettes used in the INR educational sessions  provided to the community on elder abuse.

 English Resources

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INR_Workshop_Brochure-Aug2014-thumbnailHow You Can Identify Abuse and Help Older Adults at Risk

Keep Yourself Safe[1]-thumbnailWhat You Can Do to Keep Yourself Safe From Abuse

How You Can Recognize[1]-thumbnailHow You Can Identify Abuse and Help Older Adults at Risk

What You Can Do[2]-thumbnailWhat You Can Do When Abuse or Neglect Is Happening to an Older Adult in Your Life


French Resources

thumbnail of INR_Ontario_Brochure_FR
Comment reconnaître les signes de mauvais traitements et aider les personnes âgées qui sont à risque

INR_Keep_Yourself_Safe_FR-thumbnailCe que vous pouvez faire pour vous mettre à l’abri des mauvais traitements

INR_Warning_Signs_FR-thumbnailComment reconnaître les signes de vauvais traitements et aider les personnes âgées qui sont à risque

INR_What_You_Can_Do_Fr-thumbnailCe que vous pouvez faire lorsqu’une personne âgée de votre entourage est victime de mauvais traitments ou de négligence

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